1999.08 – Carbontech Co., Ltd. founded.

2000.08 – Venture company certification

2001.10 – The launch of the coconut carbon brand.

2002.06 – Participation in a project to develop new environmental technologies (task of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea)

2002.12 – Patent registration for coconut plastic surgery (Patent No. 0365069)

2005.02 – Export of moulded coconut carbon to Europe (Quick Grill TM).

2005.09 – Won gold prize at Spoga 2005 in Germany

2005.12 – A new carbon briquette for cooking has been developed.

2006.06 – Fifth Hankook Ilbo among the top 100 patented products of 2006 

2006.08 – Registered patent for a photocatalytic adsorbent (Patent No. 10-0615515)

2007.06 – A new carbon product has been launched: Diamond briquettes 

2008.04 – A drying device using an electromagnetic radiation micro converter has been developed

2009.03 – Carbontech passes Innobiz certification

2010.01 – Patent registered for environmentally friendly carbon-based interior paint (Patent No. 10-0939539)

2011.03 – Research on High Quality Activated Carbon Production Using carbon (for Supper Capacitor, Chungcheongbuk-do Small and Medium-sized Business Administration, 03.03.2011 ~ 03.2011)

2011.06 – Participated in the 2nd research project on activated carbon (industry and academic research of Chungbuk National University).

2014.06 – Launch of new BBQ products: Easy Cook, Fire Ball 1kg, Fire Ball 2kg, Fire Ball 4kg

2014.12 – CarboneTech is registered as a timber business (logging, timber import and distribution business)

2016.07 – Construction of an activated carbon plant completed, production of activated carbon started, and a bioenergy and environmental technology research centre established.

2016.12 – Contract for implementation of the patent technology of the Atomic Energy Research Institute (radiation waste treatment technology and technology for production of porous inorganic moulded bodies)

2017.11 – Carbon fireball heating for thermal insulation and curing in construction launched

2018.04 – Launch of the AEOLUS multifunctional air purifier.

2018.05 – Granular calcium hydroxide-activated carbon complex developed for air treatment 2019.07 Patent registration for Four Season Total Care (Patent No. 10-2006594)

2020.06 – Development of a large G1/G2 indoor and outdoor air cleaner

2021.11 – Update progress with photocatalytic virus removal function

2022.12 – Start its own production of environmentally friendly carbon from waste wood

2023.12 – Start production of environmentally friendly coal-fired incinerators