Special adsorbents (chemical, composite adsorbent)

Special adsorbents are highly effective materials designed for targeted adsorption of specific substances in various applications. With their unique properties and tailored structures, these adsorbents provide superior adsorption capacity and selectivity, making them ideal for diverse industries and purification processes.

One type of special adsorbent is activated carbon fiber, which offers exceptional adsorption capabilities due to its high surface area and porous structure. Activated carbon fiber cloth, activated carbon fiber felt, and carbon fiber filter fabric are commonly utilized forms of this special adsorbent. They are extensively used in air and water filtration systems, protective clothing, and energy storage applications, effectively removing impurities, odors, and harmful substances.

Zeolites are another class of special adsorbents. These microporous materials have a unique structure that allows them to selectively adsorb certain molecules while excluding others. Zeolites find applications in gas separation, petrochemical refining, and water purification processes, where they efficiently remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Silica gel is a commonly known special adsorbent that is highly effective in moisture control and dehydration applications. It has a high affinity for water molecules, making it ideal for drying environments, protecting electronic devices, and preserving sensitive materials.

Molecular sieves, made up of crystalline metal-aluminosilicates, are specialized adsorbents used for gas separation and purification processes. They have a well-defined pore structure that enables the selective adsorption of specific molecules, making them essential in industries such as natural gas processing and petrochemical refining.

At CARBONTECH, we offer a wide range of special adsorbents, including activated carbon fiber, zeolites, silica gel, and molecular sieves. Our products are carefully manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring exceptional adsorption performance and reliability in your specific applications.

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1) Chemical adsorbent: CLC-100, 200, 300, 400 gases below the standard value


1.When the adsorbent comes into contact with the gas, an excessive exothermic reaction does not occur and it is used at room temperature for cooling and heating.

 2.You can find out the quality of gas cleaning by changing the color of the adsorbent. Excellent adsorption amount. 

3. Adsorbent can be designed according to the adsorption system

2) Complex adsorbent: 

CLC It is suitable for the efficient removal of fluorine, heavy metals, N-hexane and organic substances (COD, BOD) from wastewater components by using adsorption and chemical water treatment functions for specific industrial wastewater.

  • Application

Wastewater difficult to treat in all industries 

  • Characteristic

1. No complex maintenance required, no secondary contaminants

2. Maximizes adsorption capacity with no limits in pH range for difficult to remove treatable wastewater components. Easily amenable to efficient processing.

3. The amount of generated sludge is 20-50% less than the existing amount, so the reduction effect transport costs 

  • Effectively removes

Lead, cadmium, copper, chromium, manganese: 98~99%

Fluorine ion: 90% 

COD, BOD, N-Hexane: 70~90%

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