Powerful air purifier and sterilizer for multifunctional rooms GILLS – simultaneous adsorption and decomposition of fine dust and viruses

Is your space safe?

There are more harmful substances indoors that cause various diseases,  than outdoors, an office where you work all day, an indoor space where you are active. We breathe about 10,000 liters of air a day! In the indoor air we breathe are found Bacteria and viruses and too many atopic harmful substances and harmful gases (VOCs) that cause atopic and odor. Please protect large spaces where many people gather at the same time, such as: supermarkets and hypermarkets, sports clubs, classrooms, gyms, canteens, university auditoriums, and others.

Purification and sterilization of air, why do we need it?

Did you know that 1/3 of diseases are caused by viruses contained in the harmful gases of ultrafine dust in the air? The

World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the possibility of airborne transmission (aerosol) of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the coronavirus is transmitted through the air regardless of the size of the droplets and infects the human body when breathing. In addition to the coronavirus, there are many pollutants in indoor air that threaten our health. 

Volume of fully pure and safe air!

We create a safe indoor space. GILLS air purifying sterilizer which can purify the air in large rooms:

  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Food outlets where a lot of people gather at the same time
  • Sports facilities with a lot of dust
  • Metro stations 
  • Shopping malls

Water is the answer to ultra-fine dusting and humidification in multifunctional rooms!  Rinse the air with water to make it even cleaner! Refresh the air with subtle humidification! Powerful air purifier and sterilizer for multifunctional rooms GILLS.

New concept of water mist air filtrationThe filtered air is washed with fine moisture sprayed by the Gills water mist system and this help effectively purifies it.

Micro moisturizing

The Gills system, when cleaning the air, simultaneously quickly and comfortably humidifies the room.

Powerful air sterilization over large areas and in high rooms

The GILLS booster motor system, which achieves high airflow and low noise, continuously purifies indoor air at a rate of 1800 ~ 14,400 CMH (the amount of air purified per hour for each Gils model) and quickly supplies fresh air.

Large capacity air purifier and sterilizer for multifunctional rooms “GILLS oills”

  • Fungal inhibition
  • Ozone removal (O3)
  • Super strong disinfection 99.9%, virus suppression
  • Decomposition and suppression of harmful substances contained in ultrafine dust
  • Super strong deodorizing effect
  • Decrease in summer temperature, effect of humidification in winter
  • Secondary pollutant blocking (no waste filter)

You’re killing your nose by trusting only air purifiers with replaceable filters. Limitations of  air purifiers with replacement filter-type in the fine dust era. Air purifiers and filters that filter out fine dust and collect it inside become polluting household waste after an average replacement period of 3 to 6 months. In addition, after the replacement period, harmful substances accumulated in the filter are gradually released, which can cause various diseases such as rhinitis and atopy.

Method of HEPA-FILTER for air purification

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and HEPA filters are widely used in air purifiers and HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality. HEPA filters are designed to capture and trap small particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants. They are highly effective in removing particles as small as 0.3 microns with a high efficiency rate of 99.97%. HEPA filters are considered one of the most efficient types of air filters available for residential and commercial applications.

  • Fine dust, average particle size 3 to 10 microns
  • Bacteria, heavy metal gases: 0.3 µm
  • HEPA filter area
  • virus: 0.3 µm (less than 0.1 for influenza virus, less than 0.08 for coronavirus)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): 0.0001 µm

Gils air purifier, steriliser, PCO technology area:

Replacement filter for the air purifier

filter and store

Hazardous substances are collected and stored according to their “size”.

Collected substances fine dust, yellow dust, pollen

High cost of filter replacement (based on 6 months)

GILLS Air Purifier Sterilizer with PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) high performance honeycomb module decomposes harmful substances and microbes that replacement filter air purifiers cannot handle.

Method Photocatalytic oxidation of air purification

The hazardous substances that we need to deal with are naturally formed and accumulate indoors:1. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): These are chemicals emitted as gases from various sources such as cleaning products, paints, adhesives, and furnishings.2. Formaldehyde: This is a colorless gas that can be released from building materials, furniture, and household products.3. Radon: This is a radioactive gas that can seep into buildings from the ground and accumulate in enclosed spaces.4. Mold and mildew: Moist environments can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can release spores and allergens into the air.5. Particulate matter: This includes airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, and other pollutants that can be inhaled and cause respiratory issues.So GILLS applied a decomposition technology that ultimately breaks down and removes the molecular structure of harmful substances without trapping them in the filter.GILLS core technology, the PCO High Performance Cellular Module, generates a hydroxyl radical (OH), a very powerful sterilizing agent that decomposes and removes harmful substances and viruses/bacteria from indoor air.

Technology of the photocatalytic oxidation

Safe high-tech technology that ultimately creates cleaner air

PCO (photocatalyst) technology uses lightweight and photocatalytic materials using nanotechnology to create hydroxyl radicals (OH), an air purifying substance that decomposes harmful compounds, viruses and bacteria. This sterilising substance reacts to the chemical properties of harmful substances and breaks them down into molecular units, causing them to lose their original properties. Just as photosynthesis produces oxygen with sunlight, photocatalyst technology decomposes various harmful substances into harmless water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) through a catalytic reaction.

Blue Light Photocatalyst Technology (Blue Light PCO Technology)

From SARS, MERS and even the coronavirus pandemic, now the war is on viruses, not fine dust! Gil’s patented air purifier steriliser technology decomposes all fine particles of VOCs, viruses and bacteria.

In an indoor living environment

Various noxious gases that cause runny noses and atopy, bacteria and viruses and even the odours of life. Gils takes them all apart and gets rid of them.

The Blue Light PCO technology is responsible for the clean air on the International Space Station.

It decomposes and removes all harmful substances and odours, including harmful gases (VOCs) in the air, germs, viruses, atopy-causing substances, chemicals, mites, etc. down to nanometre particles. -Besides conventional air purifiers, Gils air sterilisers are becoming indispensable in everyday life.

The Endless Obsession with Security

A safe technology that overcomes the limitations of existing ultraviolet (UV) photocatalyst (PCO) technology

Existing ultraviolet (UV) photocatalyst (PCO) technology used strong ultraviolet (UV) light to easily create cleaning materials. However, it reacts with oxygen in the air to form ozone (O3), a toxic substance that is fatal if it comes into contact with people’s eyes. To eliminate any side effects and risks, Geels developed a catalyst recipe and a special process to create a photocatalytic sterilising agent using LED lighting (visible light: 460 nm/blue light), which we commonly encounter.

The Gills photocatalytic reaction continuously generates a very strong oxidising agent called a hydroxyl radical (OH) which decomposes and removes bacteria, viruses and harmful gases. The half-life of hydroxyl radicals is one billionth of a second, and once sterilised within the product, they are all gone in one millionth of a second. In other words, it is a very safe product that does not release any harmful ultraviolet rays (UV), ozone (O3) or sterilising agents (hydroxyl radicals) to the outside. Products presented for health should not actually endanger health.

The shorter the wavelength of light, the stronger the energy, reacting with oxygen (O2) in the air to form ozone (O3), a toxic substance. But Geels uses visible light (460 nm), which is a safe range.

A comprehensive air quality management solution with advanced IoT IoT control server technology

A tactless era! A changed environment requires a higher level of purification.

The Gils high-performance air steriliser uses a high-tech light scattering air quality sensor to measure and manage the air quality around the product location. By analysing the air quality measurement values, Gils operates automatically and protects customers from fine dust, harmful gases, harmful bacteria and viruses 24 hours a day. Gils simply and accurately observes and analyses various environmental factors necessary for indoor air quality management, such as PM2.5 ultrafine dust, PM10 fine dust, carbon dioxide concentration and indoor temperature/humidity. In addition, by adopting the WiFi wireless communication method, you can monitor and control the Gills performance anywhere an internet connection is possible. You can monitor and control environmental data through the PC client software and mobile application for integrated monitoring and control of Gills.

Comprehensive air quality management solution with advanced online control  technology! The changed environment requires a higher level of purifier.

GILLS high-capacity air purifying sterilizer adopts an advanced light-scattering air quality measurement sensor to measure and manage the air quality around where the device is installed. Through air quality measurement value analysis, GILLS operates in automatic operation mode and protects human from fine dust, harmful gases, harmful bacteria and viruses 24 hours a day. GILLS simply and accurately observes and analyzes various environmental factors essential for indoor air quality management, such as PM2.5 ultrafine dust, PM10 fine dust, carbon dioxide concentration, and indoor temperature/humidity. In addition, by adopting the wireless communication method of the WiFi protocol, it is possible to monitor and control the operation of Gills in any place where Internet communication is possible. You can observe and control environmental data through PC client software and mobile App for integrated monitoring and control of GILLS.

Specifications of GILLS Air Purifier-Sterilizer

Patented GILLS photocatalyst technology, harmless to human body,

removes more than 90% of fine dust in large areas, also removes ozone / SOX / NOX / TVOC and other substances, as well as harmful gases (VOC) / viruses / bacteria, etc.

GILLS method of water mist sterilization without the use of a replaceable filter, continuously cleaning large areas of a contaminated room with a 6-stage filter and a photocatalyst sterilization system.

Super-powerful cleaning and sterilization deodorization system that goes beyond the replacement filter method. 

GILLS air purifier sterilizer that can purify in large spaces such as educational facilities, sports facilities, workspaces, underground station halls, and building lobbies where purification is not easy with small flat air purifiers.

Scheme of the filtration process of GILLS G2

Level 1 –  air intake

It is a 1-inch cylindrical multi-layered structure that soaks inhaled pollutants into water.

It plays the role of collecting by contacting the surface (s/s or PE material). air intake

Level 2 – first Water Mist

It collects more than 99.9% of the harmful particles that have passed through the polling filter

with an airtight mist that is sprayed with tremendous pressure from a fine nozzle and also plays

a role in washing the polling filter.

Level 3 – chevron filter

It acts as a filter to prevent harmful substances collected in fine water particles from being released into the atmosphere again by the air. Complex engineering for balance point of decompression and filtering effect is applied.

Level 4 – demister filter

The air passing through the chevron filter enters the demister filter, which acts as a filtration of the collected particles, by passing air through a 10-layer filter – most of the fine dust particles are filtered out in it.

Level 5 – sharan filter

It plays the role of filtering out the remaining ultra-fine particles that have passed through the demist filter, and filters out the ultra-fine undersize, and has a photocatalyst coating for UVC (PE material).

Level 6 – photocatalyst filter

It is a device to sterilize any viruses/bacteria, etc., and sterilize moisture in completely filtered clean air. It decomposes even small particles of viruses, bacteria, and VOCs that filter-type purifiers cannot filter out.

GILL protects you from the threat of viruses. Confirmed 99.9% sterilization of COVID-19 with GILL visible light photocatalyst sterilization technology.

GILLS passed the COVID-19 virus sterilization test at the Research Institute of Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, National University of Jeonbuk, Korea Republic

Completed GILLS cases in Republic of Korea

Samson High School
CanteenSodemun Sports and Cultural Centre
Jamsil Girls High School Canteen
Cafeteria on the 1st floor of Sodaemun-gu OfficeHwigyeong
Technical School cafeteria10th floor, Seoul Metropolitan Education Office
Cheongmyeong Student Education
CentreBulam High School Gymnasium
Yanghwa High School Gymnasium
Incheon High School Gymnasium
Deuncheon High School Gymnasium
Gawon High School Gymnasium
Socho High School Gymnasium, 2nd floor

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